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Citizen’s Police Academy

What is it?

The Citizen’s Police Academy is a program designed to give participants a working knowledge of the Kankakee City Police Department. It consists of a series of classes and discussions held once a week on a designated evening, for a period of 2 ½ hours. Each academy consists of 9 sessions. There is no cost to anyone who enrolls.

 The classes provide an in-depth view into various areas of law enforcement. It is an educational and informative program that allows citizens the opportunity to learn about the issues that affect law enforcement efforts in the City of Kankakee.



            One of the goals of the Citizen’s Police Academy is to help residents of Kankakee to better understand how the police work in their community. It is hoped that all graduates of the Citizen’s Academy will get to know more about the men and women who are protecting their community and why they make the decisions they do while performing that duty.



            When residents take a more personal interest in their city, and the protection of their community and neighborhoods, they will enjoy a safer and closer relationship with their neighbors. In addition, graduates will be encouraged to join the Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association. This will give them the opportunity for continued education in the field of law enforcement and other related areas. It will also allow them to have a more interactive association with the police department, if they choose.



            Community Oriented Policing plays an important and vital role in reducing crime in any community. Therefore, the Kankakee Police Department instituted the Citizen’s Police Academy to improve the communication and obtain citizen input and support throughout the city. It is our hope that the graduates will become partners with us in identifying problems and solutions to the crime issues that are affecting our community. Graduates will take their knowledge to their neighborhoods where they can use it to enhance the quality of neighborhood life.


Who Can Attend?

            Individuals who apply for the Kankakee Citizen’s Police Academy must be at least 18 years of age. Classes are open to all local residents and their guests. Applicants will also be subject to a background check.

There are also the “Seniors Citizen’s Academy” for those 55 and over, the “Teen Police Academy” at the local high schools, and the “Hispanic Citizen’s Police Academy” for those 18 and over who are Spanish speaking only residents. All are no cost.


Who To Contact?

            If you are interested in attending a particular Police Academy, please contact:

Lt. Jay Etzel

Kankakee Police Department

385 E. Oak Street

Kankakee, IL. 60901

(815) 933-0402

Lt. Jay Etzel

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